Jamad Fiin headshot

Jamad Fiin

Athlete & Founder of Jamad Basketball Camps

Basketball star and social media sensation Jamad Fiin quickly became an inspiration for young Muslim girls across the globe. Videos of Fiin hooping on street courts in her hijab circulated the internet rapidly, receiving millions of views. Following her rise, Fiin started Jamad Basketball Camps to empower young girls to stay true to themselves. A daughter of immigrants, Fiin grew up in Boston and found basketball at a young age. She continued to push herself every day on her own without the guidance of a mentor to help her navigate the challenges of being a Muslim girl in her sport. Her perseverance and passion for basketball led her to a collegiate career at Clark University and Emmanuel College where she was the senior captain of the Women’s Basketball team. For Fiin, her passion for the sport goes further than the game, rather, it is a space in which young Muslim girls can achieve the same things as anyone and beyond.