Bibi la Luz Gonzalez


Bibi is a Delegate Speaker for the 2015 Leadership and Government Plenary Session. 

As an international political economist, Bibi focuses her work on development, social entrepreneurship, communication and research. She has lived in eight countries, learning about their culture and insights to build her own perspectives on how to overcome national and global problems. As founder of the non-profit organisation Eat Better Wa’ik, Bibi has brought together a pilot project of 104 children and their parents to be more involved in what they eat as a path for physical and intellectual growth. By initiating a partnership with Grupo Bimbo, Bibi aims to educate middle to low income urban populations on food awareness over the next years. Bibi is part of the Global Shapers Community, participating in the World Economic Forum on Latin America, where she was interviewed by CNN en Espanol, El Financiero/Bloomberg TV, and was mentioned in Forbes Mexico. She has written articles on the stark reality of her country and was involved in an online platform which received 70,000 views regarding this year’s Presidential Elections in Guatemala.