Chayanich Thamparipattra


Chayanich is a Delegate Speaker for the 2015 Global Business Plenary Session. She also works as a legal consultant for NGOs in Washington DC and the Law Reform Commission of Thailand on international labour standards, covering topics such as freedom of association, forced labour, discrimination, gender equality, social security and domestic workers. Her research assisted Thai Government officials to agree to ratify the ILO Convention No. 111, which was approved by the cabinet last year and, if ratified and implemented, will help protect 60 million people from discrimination at the workplace. As a member of the Sub Committee for Labour Law of the Law Reform Commission of Thailand, she collectively worked with other members in a drafting labour code in Thailand. As a co-founder of a social enterprise, Hivesters, Chayanich created an online booking platform which connects socially conscious people to sustainable activities with local hosts who are mostly workers in the informal sector such as farmers or fishermen. It has developed 26 activities which ensured that workers who run the trip get fair pay and that the activities do not disrupt culture or harm environment.