Danijel Cuturic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Danijel is a Delegate Speaker for the 2015 Human Rights Plenary session. He is also the Executive Director of the Association for Development of Knowledge Society LUMINA, which he founded to provide education to youth in Bosnia. LUMINA’s grassroots projects have helped more than 500 Roma children to receive high quality basic education. For several years he worked for different NGOs as an Educational Project Manager. Through these posts, he was initiating and managing projects that were targeted at reducing academic corruption at public universities in Bosnia, empowering young females though education and improving the quality of primary and secondary education through information literacy. As a result of Danijel’s work, most of the public universities have regulated their academic integrity, 4 young females have entered local and national parliaments and more than 1,000 students have increased their information literacy skills. Daniel is passionate about human rights as his childhood was marked by the Yugoslav wars and education was the only opportunity to escape from its harsh reality. Danijel firmly believes in the transformative power of a great education.