Kamolnan Chearavanont


Kamolnan is a Delegate Speaker for the 2015 Human Rights Plenary Session. Kamolnan started the Voices Organisation when she was 14 in order to help orphans and abused women and children, specifically those who are stateless. After volunteering for some time, she learned that stateless people are more vulnerable to abuse, rape and trafficking, she once met a stateless woman who had been abused and raped for several years, she was struck by the irony of how happy this woman was, after all she had endured and she gave Kamolnan the strength and inspiration that has led her to where she is today. She would like to one day start her own CSR consulting firm, primarily based in Asia, in hopes of helping corporates utilise their CSR in the most effective way Kamolnan became interested in this field while living under the shadows of a huge family of business men and women, trying to find herself and her purpose. She found that purpose when she started dabbling into volunteering with orphans, simply because she loved being with babies so much. She is most passionate about helping refugees and vulnerable women and children.