Mario Di Giovanni


Mario is a Delegate Speaker for the 2015 Leadership and Government Plenary Session.

Mario also founded RDI with the goal of promoting democratic values in the region by supporting social initiatives, such as the collection of food and supplies for communities in Latin America that lack resources, fundraising for NGOs that provide housing for low-income families and working with public figures for the strengthening of electoral institutions throughout the area. He is very passionate about making the public aware of constitutional reform and the monopolisation of the media by the state. In 2010, he moved to the USA, where he discovered a need to assist Venezuelans living abroad with the challenge of voting in national elections while living in another country. He co-founded VotoDondeSea, an NGO based in Miami with the goal of informing, facilitating and promoting the electoral participation of Venezuelans who had emigrated. He created positive changes in the community and country by recommitting thousands of Venezuelans throughout the world to participate in elections and teaching them how to do so.