Samer Khan


Samer is a Delegate Speaker for the 2015 Global Business Plenary Session. His start-up, Keynovations, was recognised during the 11th Youth Assembly at the United Nations in New York as one of the leading initiatives for green-tech solutions. He has impacted over 15,000 young people and 5,000 labour workers through free healthcare and leadership and entrepreneurship workshops. This year, he raised over $15,000 in crowdfunding which has enabled more than 28 small-scale producers to establish production units at their own homes. In Oman, public and private pharmacies supported his cause for free medical treatments for labour workers. For his work in the field of leadership & civic engagement, the Hesselbein Leadership Academy at University of Pittsburgh awarded him a Global Leadership and Civic Engagement Gold Medal. In 2013, the governments of Costa Rica and France invited him to attend the Leadership Summit of United Nations, as one of 40 experts on sustainable development. The United Nations also invited him to be moderator for their online discussion on the Role of Private Sectors in Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection.