Stripped Back - Let's Talk About Mental Health

Stripped Back Part 1


“University is easy. University isn't that hard. Stress, what stress? University is a place where all you do is have fun and go out with your friends. Do you even have to do any work?”

These are just a few of the myths you will commonly hear about life at university. When you think of university you are often told they will be ‘the best days of your life’, but are they really? Now with over 50,000 students disclosing a mental health condition to their higher education institution, there must be more to this story. 



Join Ruth Cooper-Dickson and OYW Ambassador Meg Zaneet Wamithi as they uncover how it truly feels to be a student at university, dealing with your mental fitness and transitioning into the working world. They will be holding a sofa-style in conversation, hosted by the award-winning campaigner and content creator Ellen Jones, followed by a networking and drinks reception.


Tuesday 5th March: 6:30pm - 8pm

Bush House Arcade, King's College London

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