Question Registration

For each Special Session, delegates have the opportunity to pre-register questions on the One Young World website. An independent moderator selects which questions will be asked in each Special Session.

The moderator’s main task is to ensure that the questions are varied and that the delegates selected to ask questions come from a range of geographic regions. The moderator will aim to ensure that questions which arise most frequently end up being asked in the Special Session.

Delegates will be notified by email that their question has been selected and the Chair of each Special Session will read out the names and countries of the questioners so that they can come to the microphones.

Plenary Sessions will still have open floor discussion but in order to encourage the best quality of floor discussion in the Special Sessions, we will be using this selection process. You may register questions for as many Special Sessions as you wish but we recommend only registering ONE QUESTION PER SESSION.

Question registration will close the evening before the Special Session in question is due to take place. You will be notified by email if you will be called to the microphone to ask your question. Please keep a note of the questions you put forward. If you are not in the main auditorium when your name is called out, there will not be an opportunity for you to ask your question at another time.

If for any reason you are unable to check your emails during the Summit, please ensure you are in the main auditorium during the relevant Special Session(s) with your question to hand just in case.