Sustainability Checklist - One Young World 2019 London Summit

Here’s a list of just some of the small actions you can take at the Summit and beyond, which will have a BIG impact on your carbon footprint!



  • Bring one piece of luggage. Try and save weight!
  • The Summit venues are all within walking distance from the hotels. Please walk where possible.
  • Avoid driving or taxis. Use the Oyster Cards provided to take public transportation (underground train, bus) or consider renting a bicycle (ofo, Mobike, Santander Bikes)
  • Share unavoidable car journeys (uber pool etc)


  • Use the stairs instead of the lift, where possible
  • Shorter, colder showers lower your global footprint, as well as giving you a burst of energy!
  • Turn off the tap when you’re done using it
  • Remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room
  • Unplug your devices when you are not using them

During the Summit:

  • Bring a reusable bag and bottle to use at the Summit venues
  • Hang onto your Coca-Cola refillable flask
  • Use the completely compostable vegware cups provided by Jacob Douwe Egberts for hot beverages
  • Put your rubbish in the right bins. Recycling bins will be provided and materials will be collected and recycled post-Summit
  • Reduce your meat consumption. Choose vegetarian/vegan options wherever possible
  • Finish every meal to minimise food waste
  • Smoke less (or quit altogether!)

After the Summit:

  • We have listed some our our Ambassador projects on the next page. Check them out and offer your support!
  • If you have gotten into any good sustainability habits at the Summit, be sure to keep up the momentum!
  • Got any ideas on how to make our future Summits even more sustainable? Please send your suggestions to [email protected]

Ambassador projects:

Carbonethics has planted 1,400 mangroves and are aiming to plan 1 million mangroves in the coming 5 years. 

Connect: Facebook

Jaan Pakistan has sold 1,053 gasifier stoves that are efficient, cost-effective and use less fuel. It is estimated that families using the new stove will save 0.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the course of the year.

Khirz Imran Tajammul | Pakistan


Biocarbon engineering uses integrated analytics and planting solutions for large scale ecosystem restoration projects. Irina has an ambitious project of using drones to plant 1 billion trees per year.

Irina Fedorenko | Russia


Tespack specialises in mobile energy. Tespack’s Smartpacks ultra-fast charging technology allows users to charge their power bank full in only 12 minutes.

Caritta Seppa | Sweden


BrightGreen has produced and distributed over 100 tonnes of briquettes to more than 300 households, saving over 800 tonnes of trees in Kenyan forests. 

Chebet Lesan | Kenya


Liter of Light Mexico uses used plastic soda bottle to create sustainable light sources for Mexican homes, businesses and streets.

Tere Gonzalez | Mexico