Sustainable Development

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Are there solutions that give as much as they take?

The global population now exceeds 7 billion. Providing the necessities of life for all in a fair way is one of the planet’s greatest challenges. Access to water, electricity and other basic needs is an impossible dream for much of the world despite there being enough for everyone.

Eradicating extreme poverty and transforming economies through sustainable development are the UN’s new Beyond 2015 priorities. One Young World Ambassadors are active across a range of aspects including food security, clean water access, climate change research and renewable energy.

The Sustainable Development Plenary Session probed how universal access to resources can be achieved and will showcase smart solutions already put in place by One Young World Ambassadors and delegates.

Delegate Speakers:

Mandisa Dlamini & Shavaye Govender, South Africa
Mak Dukan, Croatia & Firdavs Kabilov, Uzbekistan
Marielle Filit, USA
Mohd Lokman, Malaysia
Matthew Kenny, New Zealand & Sarah Page, Australia
Josh Nesbit, USA