Take part: art co-creation project by FutureHere


Artist Michel Platnic and FutureHere call for youth leaders of all United Nations member states to co-create art

About the opportunity:

Artist Michel Platnic and FutureHere are calling for youth leaders, ambassadors and influencers across all United Nations member states to convene and lend a voice in representation of local, deglobalised issues for concerted international action through co-creating art project ‘Re-Genesis’ with the aim of developing solutions for Sustainable Development Goals. #artforglobalgoals #artforSDGs

You will have the opportunity to elevate, empower and inspire civil governance in your respective cities and communities at the global level, and to provide leadership and mentorship for activating local and/ or international resources in developing solutions for real on-the-ground issues to be presented through the digital platform for long-term engagement and impact.

We are building: 

1. a worldwide, volunteer-driven team to oversee various management line functions and efforts in Operations, Design, IT, Finance, Project Management and Social Media & Communications;

2. a like-minded, like-hearted community to share their experiences to co-create art which will manifest as a dynamic virtual platform and forum for changemakers to discuss shared SDGs/ issues and activate resources for fair human and biodiversity rights on our planet.

When & Where 

September - December 2019 in Tel Aviv, Singapore and London

Watch 'Genesis-deGenesis' the film by Michel Platnic here

Find out how you can get involved by visiting Michel Platnic's page or sending an email to [email protected] or [email protected]