Take part: Children's Future Food Inquiry

About the Inquiry

What children in Britain eat is a major cause for concern. An estimated 4.1 million children are living in poverty in the UK, but we know almost nothing about how many of these children experience food insecurity (the inability to acquire or consume an adequate quality or sufficient quantity of food in socially acceptable ways, or the uncertainty that one will be able to do so). We don’t currently know how it impacts children’s lives, or what we could be doing to improve their access to food. At the same time children are suffering from record levels of obesity and it is worse in the poorest parts of the country.

The Children’s Future Food Inquiry was initiated to hear directly from children, young people and those who live and work with them about children’s experiences of food and how it affects their lives. The Inquiry will particularly focus on children who are disadvantaged, and will investigate this challenge in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; and is spearheaded by a cross-party parliamentary group.

How you can contribute

"We’d like OYW Ambassadors and their peers to help encourage people to submit experiences and stories to do with children's food insecurity to the portal.

Submissions may come from children, teachers, healthcare professionals, parents, older siblings, carers or anyone at all who has known or observed children who don’t have easy access to nutritious diets. There are a series of questions to help guide submissions, and participants will be free to submit short films, photographs, personal stories, reports and data. These will be collated to form key evidence for the Inquiry committee to review.

We'd like OYW Ambassadors to spread the word about the portal and disseminate the link across their networks (via newsletters, bulletins, websites, social media or by any other means). OYW Ambassadors will then have the chance play central and fully credited roles in what will be a highly collaborative process. There will be numerous opportunities to help direct the national Inquiry beyond the portal stage, including shaping the event which will launch the Inquiry’s report in spring 2019."

This opportunity was submitted by OYW Ambassador Thuy Nguyen. 

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