Take part: Global Inquiry into citizens in the digital age

One Young World has joined The Fourth Group's global inquiry into citizens in the digital age - get involved with shaping a Global Agenda which will form a set of solutions in the form of policies, initiatives & campaigns.

About the Inquiry

A coalition of community organisations – representing over 200,000 people worldwide – has launched a global inquiry into the problems caused by technology on society. It will form the basis of a Global Agenda, pitting itself as the citizens-led SDGs for technology and societal progress.

Led by The Fourth Group – a union of citizens established to hold technology companies to account – the coalition will host a series of conversations in each region of the world.

It will ask the public:

  • What are our rights and responsibilities as citizens in the digital age?
  • What is the biggest problem caused by technology?
  • What can citizens practically do to address this problem?

You can learn more on their website.

Why are they doing this?

"Digital technologies are transforming the way we live, work, and play. Businesses are responding by innovating new products and services, and governments are responding by investing in the digital economy and developing new laws and regulation. How are citizens responding? How should citizens respond? What does it mean to be a citizen in the digital age? What actions can citizens take? These are some of the questions The Fourth Group’s inquiry into citizens in the digital age will provide insights on.

Throughout history, citizens have organised and mobilised to tackle societal problems, securing fair wages, banning children working in factories, winning the ability to vote. We have the power to change things. Today, citizens have campaigned on new issues such as social media echo chambers, fake news, privacy, and data misuse. The recent response to the Cambridge Analytica exposé demonstrates that we are the cusp of a public awakening to the new dangers brought about by exponential advancements in digital technology. This inquiry will uncover other issues citizens care about, and provide guidelines on ways in which they can take action for impact and real change."

How to get involved:

1) Share your views online

Your answers will help shape a Global Agenda focused on building a technological revolution where all of us progress, leaving nobody behind. 

Share your views

2) Host a conversation in your local community

The Fourth Group have provided tips and resources to get you started. Bring a group of people together - you can host the conversation in your workplace, community centre, place of worship, or home. Once you're all together, talk about the 3 key questions and record the answers in some way. You can then share with team at [email protected].

Set up a conversation