#valuable Influencer Programme

The Crazy Truth

The potential and value of one billion people living with a disability is largely untapped.

Because the old world order did not look beyond their disability to see their potential; their value.

This order is officially redundant.

Young adults are ripping up labels and insisting on inclusion and diversity.

We believe that everyone is equally unique and valuable.

We believe that when people with a disability are excluded we all lose out.

We believe that Inclusive Business creates an Inclusive Society.

We will co-create the new world order where every human is valued equally.

The time is now.

We are #valuable.

We exist to spark a revolution of inclusion that puts disability on the business agenda.

Join us on the ultimate adventure to stretch the boundaries of possible.

Become a dangerous dreamer.

Become a #valuable Influencer

#valuable wants to create a world where no one is left out and you, the One Young World community, can help.  #valuable are looking for leaders who believe that everyone is equally unique and #valuable and will champion disability inclusion for their generation. 

#valuable will work closely with One Young World to screen and select 10 young champions to join the tribe. The final group will serve as credible messengers to the disability community and role models to their peers.

Apply Now

Deadline: 11 September, 12pm GMT

What is #valuable?

Valuable will spark a revolution of inclusion where every human is equally valuable. We challenge the status quo and lead this new world order.​

This campaign is a world first. While most people agree and are passionate about solving this problem, only the few are brave enough, bold enough and stubborn enough to stand up and fight to make this new world order possible.

The #valuable campaign is being kicked off with “Blaze a Trail” a 1000km horse adventure through Colombia by One Young World Counsellor Caroline Casey and her team which will arrive into the Opening Ceremony of One Young World in Bogotá. The horse adventure will be supported a intensive multimedia campaign that will ignite a global conversation on inclusion.

On the 6th October, Caroline will take the main stage with business leaders and influencers to make an historic global call to action.

Who are #valuable looking for?

We are looking for a small and powerful group of NEXT GEN influencers with passion and purpose to define this new world order. They are dangerous dreamers who are bold and brave enough to disrupt the status quo.  They are leaders, the generation of people who don’t believe in barriers. Those who believe in a society where everyone is #valuable. We are looking for defiant leaders who will champion this issue for their generation. 

Additionally, we are looking for candidates with a track-record of leadership and willingness to engage in co-creation with peers and experts, and those with high proficiency in English with the ability to engage in complex discussions

*Please note you must be attending the One Young World Summit 2017 to apply for this opportunity. 

What you will do as an Influencer

  • Participate in a conference call to receive a briefing with the #valuable team once appointed and officially ‘join the tribe’.
  • Each #valuable influencer will build engagement in their communities and be tasked with producing content for digital and traditional media, including writing blog articles detailing their story and efforts to help build a world where people with a disability are equally valued, conduct interviews, and share videos and photos of their activities and efforts. This content will be published on a dedicated section of the #valuable website, and disseminated broadly through the digital platforms of #valuable, One Young World, and other partners. Each influencer will also share, create and distribute content on their company and personal social media platforms.
  • Attend a meeting at OWY in Bogotá post Caroline’s keynote to meet fellow influencers, build relations/partnerships and brainstorm next steps and co-create plans for 2018.
  • Main stage advocacy with Caroline:  Caroline Casey will take advantage of high-level speaking opportunities to draw attention to celebrate the role of young people in creating inclusion in business and engaging with senior leaders on the issue. Each #valuable influencer will create a short keynote on their #valuable journey – story/ opportunities/ barriers to building inclusive business.
  • Company profile and one committed action: agree one key area of corporate focus for 2018.
  • Participation in One Young World 2018: #valuable influencers will potentially be invited to The Hague to share their story and advocate to others to join #valuable movement. Influencers will be encouraged to present their work for other young people who wish to take action in their own companies to encourage inclusion of people with disabilities in business.

How to apply

  • Submit your application here
  • Submit a two-minute video to cover the following questions:
  1. Why do you want to join the #valuable influencer programme?
  2. What is your personal vision of success as being a part of this programme?

Please send your video submission to [email protected].

Learn more about Caroline Casey's revolution of inclusion that is putting disability on the business agenda.