Visa information for the One Young World Summit 2014

Many nationalities can travel to Ireland without obtaining a visa. Please check to establish the entry requirements. The Irish government has waived application fees for One Young World delegate visas. Please note that One Young World invitation letters in support of visa applications only apply for the duration of One Young World Summit 2014 Dublin. Once a delegate completes his or her logistics registration form, the One Young World logistics team will update those not eligible to travel without a visa, or those requiring transit visas to travel to Dublin, on advised next steps.

All travellers to Ireland should note the following:
Anyone requiring a visa or a transit visa to enter Ireland (Delegates, Observers, Returning Ambassadors, etc.) should adhere to One Young World’s 8-10 week guideline application period. This means you should be fully paid, registered and considering making your visa application at the beginning of August 2014. Outside of this guideline, the One Young World Logistics Team and Irish government’s support may be limited.  It is the delegate or attendee's responsibility to ensure they are aware of the type of visa they may require or whether they require a transit visa to travel through another country to enter Ireland. Please note the there is no visa application fee for One Young World delegates.

All Embassies of Ireland have been notified and are expecting One Young World applications. No delegate will be allowed to apply for a visa unless they have the required documentation provided by One Young World/Conference Partners.  Payment for attendee places must be made in full by any supporting organisations or individuals before the required letters of invitation for attendees’ visa applications will be provided. Any other costs associated with delegates applying for visas or travel to any application offices such as embassies are the responsibility of the delegate and cannot be covered or supported by One Young World or Conference Partners.

All visa applications must be made on-line at on what is known as AVATS (Automated Visa Application and Tracking System). In addition, supporting documentation must be submitted to the relevant processing centre in hard copy. Applicants are advised of the appropriate processing centreon completion of the on-line stage. A full list of all of the documentation to be submitted in support of a conference visa is outlined on  PLEASE NOTE: it is the individual’s responsibility to apply for a visa, and to submit all documents required in good time within the advised timeframe.

The One Young Word letter of invitation that is issued to you covers only the dates of the summit and should you wish to stay on, any further information required for the associated visa application, as well as any costs incurred for this, are wholly the responsibility of the delegate and not that of One Young World or that of Conference Partners.

Nationals of the countries listed below DO NOT require Irish visas:


NOTE: Please note that although you may not require a visa to enter Ireland, you may need a transit visa for countries you might pass through en route to Dublin. Please check using the links provided.

Andorra Greece

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Antigua and Barbuda Grenada

Saint Lucia

Argentina Guatemala Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Australia Guyana Samoa
Austria Honduras San Marino
Bahamas Hong Kong Seychelles
Barbados Grenadines Singapore
Belgium Hungary Slovak Republic
Belize Iceland Slovenia
Bolivia Israel Solomon Islands
Botswana Italy

South Africa

Brazil Japan

South Korea

Brunei Kiribati Spain
Bulgaria Latvia Swaziland
Canada Lesotho Sweden
Chile Liechtenstein Switzerland
Costa Rica Lithuania Taiwan
Croatia Luxembourg Tonga
Cyprus Macau (Special Administrative Region)

Trinidad and Tobago

Czech Republic Malawi Tuvalu
Denmark Malaysia United Kingdom and Colonies
Dominica Maldives United States of America
El Salvador Malta Uruguay
Estonia Mexico Vanuatu
Fiji Monaco

Vatican City

Finland Nauru  
France Netherlands  
Germany New Zealand