Visit Colombia

Colombia is Magical Realism

Colombia is a diverse country and unique travel destination, given its culture, geography, and rich history.


Declared as the Most Innovative City in the World in 2013, the city underwent social and urban transformation during the last years thanks to a significant social, cultural and arts investment. Medellin also hosts the main financial and industrial hubs of Colombia as well as a favorite shopping destination.

Cartagena de Indias:

Cartagena de Indias is a magical Caribbean City that displays the contrast of its colonial side and its modern face. Inside the old wall you can find colonial churches and monasteries that today function as luxurious boutique hotels. The city also offers beaches and small islands ideal for diving and nautical sports. World Heritage Site.


Santander offers unique experiences from wild adventures like crossing the chicamocha canyon in the longest cable railway in Colombia to traditional activities like strolling across its historical downtown, appreciate its colonial architecture, or appreciate its classical balconies, Region’s capital Bucaramanga or the “city of parks” has excellent hotel infrastructure.


It’s known as the golden gate of Colombia. Was awarded the title of American Capital of Culture in 2013 and The Barranquilla Carnival was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity the UNESCO. It’s also a top industrial city and a major sea and river port in the country.

Santa Marta:

Is the oldest Hispanic city in the country, where nature, adventure, and nautical sports blend with trade, restaurants, and infrastructure. This city has the hotel accommodations and halls necessary to serve large groups of visitors attending international conventions, conferences, and congresses, making it ideal to host world-class events. Is located in the Atlantic Ocean.


Known as the world capital of salsa, this city offers the best options for night entertainment, Pacific gastronomy and fictional stories that come to life. Cali is famous for the sugar production. The land’s fertility and proximity to the Buenaventura Port makes Cali an important trade, agricultural, and industrial hub.

San Andres and Providencia Islands:

Surrounded by the sea of seven colors and a spectacular coral reef, these islands are a small paradise in the middle of the Caribbean, where the influence of the English, Spaniards, pirates, and corsairs blended to create a rich culture able to dance to the beat of Reggae.

Coffee cultural landscape:

Framed in a mountainous landscape that contrasts with the Spanish-influenced architecture. Surrounded by coffee plantations, this area represents the country’s coffee traditions that are portrayed in its crafts, cuisine, fairs, and festivals. It also have three capital cities which provide modernity and infrastructure required by high end events.