Visit Thailand

Thailand has a huge range of site-seeing opportunities and activities for visitors outside Bangkok.

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Chiang Mai is the economic and cultural hub of Northern Thailand and was voted as one of the top 25 places to visit in the world by Trip Advisor. It was the centre of the ancient Lanna civilisation which left a legacy of 300 ancient temples. It is the perfect place for activities like white-water rafting – or relaxing at a spa after a trek through the jungle.

Chiang Mai is positioning itself to become a UNESCO Creative City – joining a global network of world cities that promote cultural diversity and sustainable urban development. Once a city is appointed to the Network, it can share experiences and create new opportunities with other cities on a global platform, notably for activities related to creative economy and creative tourism.

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Sukhothai is steeped in history. Traditional Thai historians consider the founding of the Sukhothai Kingdom as one of the corner stones of the modern Thai nation.  

It was the first capital of Siam and its temples and monuments have been restored to create Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site maintained by the Fine Arts Department of Thailand. There are nearly 200 ruins in the Historical Park. The old city is a popular tourist attraction. It is clean, well-maintained and authentically Thai, avoiding the trap of over-development that many tourist attractions fall into. 

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Sustainable tourism allows visitors to limit their negative impact on the environment and contribute to ethical projects. The tourism industry brings in an estimated $15 billion a year to the Thai economy, but tourist activities can have a negative impact on local communities and the environment.

Many ethical tourism initiatives in Thailand, such as the Save Elephant Foundation, provide care and assistance to wildlife, conserve the environment, and work with local communities to provide sustainable economic opportunities. 

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Ko Samet is a small island on Thailand’s eastern seaboard. It is only around 160 kilometres from Bangkok. This island is famous for its white sandy beaches and clear blue seas. It is surrounded by coral reefs which are well suited for scuba diving.

Ko Samet has lots to offer but is not over-developed, there are plenty of places to sample Thai cuisine and enjoy the night life. It is a more relaxed version of many coastal resorts that has successfully retained its authenticity. It is a popular destination for foreigners and tourists alike.