Support your local area during COVID-19: Volunteer with SpareHand


About SpareHand

SpareHand is a not-for-profit initiative, established in March 2020 to help community organisations respond to the Coronavirus outbreak. SpareHand is powered by HireHand, the socially responsible marketplace for part-time workers in the hospitality sector. Since 2015 HireHand has brokered over 100,000 shifts for workers across the world.

OYW Ambassador Jemima Lovatt leads SpareHand's partnerships.

How does it work?

They match volunteers to the tasks that food banks and community groups are organising during the Coronavirus crisis. Volunteers receive tasks through a dedicated app, based on their location, availability and skills. The system is secure - for the volunteer, the person receiving help, and the community organisation that brings the two together.

What you can do:

1) Volunteer

All you need to do is fill in a form and download the app. 

SpareHand will then send you tasks required by those in need in your neighbourhood. All tasks are identified, organised and supervised by trusted community organisations.

You then accept a volunteer task on the app. The task could be in person or over the phone. Your community organisation will manage this, and ensure your work is done safely.

Sign up to volunteer

2) Register your organisation

  • Connect volunteers to tasks in your community, hassle-free
  • Manage your existing volunteers and staff more effectively
  • Handle increased demands from people in need in your community
  • Bring on board new volunteers in your area
  • Ensure people’s personal details are stored securely
  • Have full control over volunteer interactions with recipients

Sign up your organisation

3) Refer a charity or organisation

If you know any organisations in your network who are struggling to find volunteers or manage them (if they’ve got too many!) then please refer them to us and we’ll reach out to them and see if we can help.


4) Is your corporate interested in supporting covid-19 responses?

Corporates can encourage their employees to volunteer with SpareHand to keep spirits up during lockdown.

Doing something good in the community, in a way that meets Covid-19 safety regulations, is great for your mental health. 

Contact [email protected]Please include Subject: SpareHand Corporate Referral