A word from Ottawa

Jim Watson: Mayor of Ottawa:

"A modern and multicultural city built on old world charm, Ottawa is excited to welcome young thought leaders and decision makers from around the world as they come together to chart our future. While Canada’s capital gets ready to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our nation in 2017, we know you will play a key role in shaping with us the next 150 years of global leadership."


Emma Dreher, One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for Canada: 

"As the Coordinating Ambassador for Canada, the prospect of having 1,300 diversely talented young people ascending on my nation’s capital is a massive point of pride. One Young World is the largest gathering of nations outside of the Olympic Games, and to have the opportunity to provide a venue for the dialogue and collaboration that will inevitably take place as a result of that convergence is a phenomenal honour." 


Antoine Pouliot, One Young World Ambassador Lead of the Ottawa 2016 Host Committee:

"The entire Ottawa community, from Mayor Jim Watson, to community leaders, corporate champions, the whole tourism sector, young leaders, small businesses and government—came together to help us win the bid this Summer. 

There is nothing like knowing that One Young World will, alongside changing the lives of all delegates attending, have a permanent and lasting impact on your city. In the case of Ottawa, our journey to 2016 is just beginning, but I can already sense the first ripples of impact: the courage to dream big, dream global and have the passion and hard work to put those dreams into action."


Glenn Duncan, Senior Vice President, Ottawa Tourism:

“To have that kind of a spotlight to shine on our city… it’s a great thing for us and I really believe it’s going to put us on a stage that we haven’t been on before. Outside the Summer Olympics, there’s no event that brings more countries together than this Summit.”