Workshop & Action Sessions

During the Summit you will have the opportunity to attend a workshop session hosted by a One Young World partner organisation, and Action Sessions organised by the One Young World team.  

Places fill up fast - so make sure you're ready when the registration goes live!

To accommodate our global delegation, we will be releasing workshop places in two rounds on Thursday 8 July.

  • Round 1: Thursday 8 July 9:00 am BST (British Summer Time)
  • Round 2: Thursday 8 July 5:00 pm BST (British Summer Time)

Make sure to set an alarm for the time and date when registration goes live in your timezone so you don't forget when you need to be online. Be aware that places are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Please note the example sessions below are either hosted in Munich or digitally. You will have the ability to select the sessions based on how you're participating in the Summit.

#OYW2021 Workshops

Workshops provide Delegates with practical insights into the issues and topics they are most passionate about. All workshops hosted during the Summit deliver immediately applicable skills, techniques, ideas and/or processes which Delegates can implement in their projects and initiatives.


A Green Recovery from COVID-19: Responding to the Health Crisis and the Climate Crisis in Tandem

Activating Positive Peace: From Understanding to Action

Colombian National Youth Strategy: Sacudete & Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Combatting Gender Stereotyping

Cross-culture Communications for Driving Innovation

Delivering Youth-led Systems Change

The Age of Disinformation: How to Get Your Story Straight

Effective Storytelling for Youth-Led Peace-Building

From Communities to Solutions: How Participatory Approaches Lead to Real Change

Growing Grassroots Movements for Impactful Change

How business has the potential to ruin the world...and save it!

How can better homes lead to a better life?

How Circular Thinking can save our Climate

How might we reimagine the way we use Lithium-Ion batteries in the era of electric mobility?

Imagine an Extremist

Indigenous struggles: How food is produced at the expense of human rights

The Art of Intrapreneurship – Leading #changefromwithin

Liderazgo Consciente: Cultivando Compasión

Media Literacy: The Cure for Extremism and Authoritarianism

OYW x DSM Hackathon: Unleash your Potential in a VUCA World

Pitching for Impact

Protecting and Innovating Democracy: Marrying Global Grassroot Mobilization with Digital Organizing

Rethinking Corporate Ownership: The Case for Steward-Ownership

The Climate, Fairtrade and You

Systemic Change for Urban Development

Advocating for the Well-Being of Future Generations: Enshrining the SDGs Into Law

action accelerator

Action Sessions

Action Sessions will offer Delegates the chance to meet with other attendees who are working across the same issue areas as they are. With the OYW Summit acting as a convening force for young leaders, these sessions are critical in ensuring those who are leaders in their fields link up, collaborate and continue to exchange valuable knowledge post-Summit.

Sessions will be hosted in the morning and evening to accomodate as many timezones as possible.

Who should register for Action Sessions? Those who are either:

  • Already driving action on this issue
  • Will meaningfully commit themselves to leading an initiative addressing the issue post-Summit

Achieving racial equality

Agripreneurship & the future of food

All things AI, blockchain, machine learning, robotics

Climate action & resilience

Conservation & responsible tourism

Creating circular supply chains

Disaster relief & humanitarian aid

Drivers of CSR

Driving disability inclusion

Driving scientific discovery & innovation

Eliminating gender-based violence

Engineering & building infrastructure

Healthcare education & advocacy

Human Rights: Advocacy & Activism

Intrapreneurship - Becoming a corporate changemaker

Leadership in the creative arts & industries

Leading DE&I

Let’s talk about mental health

Peacebuilders: P/CVE & interfaith

Policy action, political leadership & international governance

Protecting LGBTQI+ rights

Responsible, impactful investments

Safe water & sanitation

Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights

Social [business] entrepreneurs

Students & academics

Supporting refugees & migrants

The clean energy future

The future of agriculture

The future of learning: improving education

The future of mobility & transportation

Uniting legal practitioners

Uniting medical professionals

Using sport for good