Workshop: 'Moonshot Thinking' with Google X

If you are a public servant or policymaker, this opportunity is for you.

One Young World Ambassadors have been invited to a free online skills workshop, 'How to bring the moonshot back to government'. 

About the Workshop

Government has given us many of the world’s boldest innovations, from the Internet and space exploration to vaccines and wind power — yet we still think of invention as the realm of entrepreneurs, not policymakers. It’s time to bring the moonshot — named for the US government’s 1969 moon landing — back to government, says Sarah Hunter, a former public servant now working at X, the tech giant Alphabet’s moonshot factory.

In an exclusive workshop, Hunter, a former public servant now working at X, Google's moonshot factory, will explore how to infuse innovation into our daily work, answering questions like:

  • How can government think about big, audacious projects, and work across sectors to achieve them?
  • How can you free yourself from preconceived notions and be more creative?
  • How government can invent a solution that is “10X” – a tenfold improvement on a current idea?

Where: Online

When: Wednesday 27 March from 3pm GMT