The Greight Foundation

Ambassador: Gifty Pearl Alimo , United States

Gifty co-founded The Greight Foundation to empower girls, boys, and young women from underprivileged backgrounds to achieve their full potential through a range of community based education programmes and leaderships projects. The Train'Coach-Mentor Girls Leadership Project pairs young girls with mentors to help guide them through difficult stages in life and to provide support and encouragement to help these young girls to realise their potential. The Project works on a pay-it-forward model, where recipients of the mentorship programme would go on to serve as mentors for other young girls, ensuring that more people benefit from the skills learnt through the programme. More than 1,600 girls and young women from across Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and Nepal have benefitted from this programme since it started in 2009. Currently the Greight Foundation is fundraising to bring the Train'Coach-Mentor Girls Leadership Project to Bongo, Northern Ghana to help support girls through school and to develop their confidence and self-belief.