Ishtar Handmade Soap

Ambassador: Zinah Saleh , Iraq

Zinah founded Ishtar Handmade Soap to provide Iraqi women with opportunities to become self sufficient and generate income.

Ishtar Handmade Soap trains women and girls to make their own soaps and detergents, and then supports them to sell the finished products in their shop in Baghdad and in bazaars across the country. Through these workshops, Ishtar Handmade Soaps has created employment opportunities for 12 full time and 25 part time workers. Ishtar Handmade Soaps focuses on providing these opportunities for women in need, such as refugees, widows, and young women pursuing an education. These women form different parts of the business, where some focus on production and packaging whilst others work as sales representatives in the weekly bazaars or market the products through social media.

Ishtar Handmade Soap prides itself on using fresh, natural ingredients that are kind to the skin and beneficial for your health. The organisation donates 30% of the profits generated to local people and causes in need. These funds have been used to support people suffering from cancer and in need of heart surgery, as well as a local animal shelter. Most recently, Ishtar Handmade Soaps helped to sponsor three Izidi girls through university in Mosul, since their families had no resources to allow them to study after fleeing ISIS.

In the future, Ishtar Handmade Soaps has plans to open a large workshop in Iraq where more women in need can be trained and supported in business to create their own products.