Medic Mobile

Ambassador: Josh Nesbit , United States

Josh founded Medic Mobile in 2010 to improve health in communities around the world which are the hardest to reach, and to prevent deaths from easily solved illnesses. Medic Mobile creates, delivers and supports mobile apps which help community health workers, managers and clinical teams work together to provide local healthcare.

Community health workers use Medic Mobile’s technology tools to support safe pregnancies, ensure, complete vaccinations for children, treat and refer quickly for childhood illnesses, screen and deliver supplements for maternal and child malnutrition, serve as early reporters for infectious disease outbreaks, manage stock levels for essential medicines, and coordinate with their management and clinical care teams.

Today Medic Mobile supports 14,800 health workers in 24 countries, improving how health systems work for over 1.5 million families, covering over 8.2 million people. The aim is to support 200,000 health workers, covering 100 million people in the next five years.