Men Na Nekk

Ambassador: Brice Dier Koue , Senegal

Brice leads the Men Na Nekk project to reduce the risk of violent extremism spreading into Senegal. Men Na Nekk has taught 900 school children and 450 school leavers about countering violent extremism, and equipped them with practical skills that will help them to be financially independent in the future. Senegal is a relatively peaceful country, but neighbouring states including Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali have experienced political unrest and terrorist attacks in recent years. Brice’s work focuses on cities bordering Senegal, such as Kedougou, located near the Mali border. Mali suffers from violent extremism, thus this work acts as a preventative measure to ensure young people in these border communities have access to opportunities and resources which can support a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. As a result, young people in the region are less susceptible to being radicalised, and this contributes to the prevention of extremism in Senegal.

Men Na Nekk focuses on education and employment training to ensure young people in South East Senegal have access to economic opportunities that can provide a stable income. This region is rich in natural resources, however, the local population lacks the access to them as they are often sold to foreign companies. Many of these jobs and opportunities are then granted to foreign employees, restricting locals from reaping the economic advantages that these companies offer. Men Na Nekk seeks to bridge this gap by providing local young people with the knowledge and experience they need to survive in the local economy, reducing the risk of recruitment to extremists groups through promises of money and opportunities. Brice attended One Young World 2018 The Hague as a Peace Ambassador, where he was able to learn how different people define extremism in their own countries, and about alternative approaches to CVE which he later implemented in his work