Promise Locks

Ambassador: Tshepiso Ramotsehoa , South Africa

Promise Locks is a social business founded by Tshepiso Ramotsehoa, to manufacture and sell hair extensions and help reduce South Africa’s 45% female unemployment rate. Tshepiso paid 37,000 ZAR ($2,737) to be trained in weaving the hair wefts in South Korea and then trained her employees herself because the Hair Company quoted 200,000 ZAR ($14,797), roughly 10,000 ZAR per person ($740), to train her employees. The value of the training is significant as Tshepiso’s 20 employees now have transferable, tangible skills should they want to work elsewhere.

20 previously unemployed women aged between 50 and 60, were taught to weave the hair extensions, which is a transferable skill. Of these 20 employees, 11 are full-time and paid 5,000 ZAR ($368) a month for an average of 20 hours a week. The remaining nine employees are part-time, working an average 10 hours a week, and are paid 3,000 ZAR ($221) a month. Tshepiso, and her family invested 600,000 ZAR ($44,413) to start the business. Long term it is hoped to generate a profit. The sales have reached 70 units per month, priced between 80 ZAR ($5.99) and 1,800 ZAR (134.69), and have been sold through social media and to local salons.

Promise Locks has directly impacted the lives of 20 South African women. Indirectly the increased household income will have a positive impact on their families’ well-being.