Apply for the Atlas Corps Fellowship in the United States

About Atlas Corps

Atlas Service Corps, Inc. (Atlas Corps), started in 2006, is an international network of social sector leaders and organisations that promotes innovation, cooperation and solutions to address the world's 21-century challenges. Ther mission is to address critical issues by developing leaders, strengthening organisations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals. Atlas Corps engages leaders committed to the nonprofit sector in 12 to 18 months, professional fellowships at organisations to learn best practices, build organisational capacity, and return home to create a network of global changemakers.

The Fellowship

Atlas Corps is recruiting social change leaders from around the world for a 12-month professional fellowship in the United States. They are seeking applications from global leaders aged between 22 and 35 years old with English proficiency, a college degree, and a passion for a life-changing personal and professional experience.

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Applications close on 28th February.