Be the conscience of business

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Trust in institutions, including big business, has declined. Why? And what does business in particular need to do to regain public trust?

We have teamed up with research and strategy collective Culturise to create an online community that will get to the heart of these issues.  

We’re looking for One Young World Ambassadors to form a unique panel that will tackle questions around integrity, social contribution, respect, inclusion, sustainability, business purpose and behaviour, the unintended consequences of 'shareholder value', the ethical duties of corporations in the modern world, and much more.

How does it work?

The project will run for 4 weeks during which you will engage in a variety of lively and thought-provoking online discussions with peers and expert contributors. We need a certain commitment to the project, but it won't be a burden. The great thing about running it online is that you can dip in and out and post your thoughts at times to suit you.

What happens afterwards?

At the end of the project, Culturise and One Young World will produce a report that will be built around your contributions. We think it’ll make waves. And all participants will be name checked.

When and how do I take part?

The project will run from  6 June to 6 July.

If you’d like to get involved in the project, all you need to do for now is sign up below.

Register Here

Registration deadline, Friday 2 June.