Become an IEP Peace Ambassador

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One Young World is pleased to offer you the opportunity to become an IEP Peace Ambassador thanks to our partnership with The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

The IEP Peace Ambassador Program is an exciting opportunity for the most dedicated One Young World (OYW) Ambassadors to further their peacebuilding knowledge in learning about IEP’s empirical peace research. The partnership between OYW and IEP offer new approaches and opportunities for individuals to build peace in their local communities. The program brings together leading global research, education and community-based programming as well as the opportunity to engage with the OYW networks. Successful applicants will also engage with existing Ambassadors who have been trained by IEP in partnership with Rotary International.

IEP has pioneered the empirical study of peace, most notably through the groundbreaking Global Peace Index (GPI). The GPI has helped shift the world’s conversation about peace away from a mindset that views peace as the absence of violence towards a peace that is a positive, achievable and a tangible measure of human wellbeing and progress. The Index is included in thousands of university courses, is referenced by international media and used by the world’s major multilateral organizations including the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. News articles about the 2017 Global Peace Index appeared in 75 countries and reached over 1 billion people, while the Institute’s website,, gets over 6 million annual page views. Each year, the GPI report is released with events in key cities around the world and is attended by policy-makers, researchers, civil society, and media.

Benefits of the IEP Peace Ambassador Program:

  • Exclusive access to three online webinars highlighting IEP’s core research content, including the methodology of the Global Peace Index and Positive Peace framework, and messages to communicate peace research.  
  • An overview of Rotary’s Global Grants program and resources to help you apply for Rotary grants.
  • Access to a like-minded peer group.
  • Recognition on IEP’s website,, and on social media.
  • A chance to highlight your projects and receive support from other program participants.
  • Opportunities to share your acquired knowledge in OYW networks and local Rotary Clubs and communities.
  • Certificate of completion.

The IEP Peace Ambassador Program will commence the week of March 05, 2018 and will run until the end of the calendar year. The three online webinars are scheduled to be delivered between March 5 and April 17, 2018. As a program participant, we hope that you will collaborate with other IEP Peace Ambassadors on projects to engage your networks in investing in peace.

Program Requirements:

The IEP Ambassador Program is open to OYW Ambassadors. In order to complete the program and receive a certificate, participants are required to attend the three webinars and organize a presentation to an interested community group, such as a local Rotary club.

How to Apply:

It’s simple. Apply Now. It takes less than 20 minutes.

  • Now – February 15: Submit your application to IEP.
  • Mid February - Early March: Receive your official invitation to participate in the Program.
  • March 5 - April 24: Delivery of the three online webinars.
  • May- December: Organize presentations

For any questions, please contact [email protected].

Apply now

Application deadline: 15 February