Meet Rio’s rising star - the 24 year old Brazilian running for office

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Dear friends,

I am writing this letter to share with you the most important decision of my life so far: the decision to fight for our rights and to represent our desires, goals and dreams in an ethical, honest and transparent way. Through this letter, I make it public that I have officially launched myself as a candidate for state deputy in the state of Rio de Janeiro. I chose to run with PSB, one of the few parties that signed a letter of compromise with the Acredito Movement, in which it promises to respect the political will and identity of our movement.

I have made this decision after thinking for a long time. I could no longer witness  Brazil and Rio going through difficult times with disbelief and institutional disorder while doing nothing. So I decided to be an active part of change. Brazil needs other principles and other practices. Removing the groups that have been running our policy for so long will help to create change.

We  can no longer wait. The time to see all this in a passive way needs to end.

So I chose to believe in Brazil; I chose to believe in Rio. Born and raised in São Gonçalo, a poor town in Rio's metro area, I studied at   the Military High School of Rio de Janeiro, a high-quality public school.Then, I went to Harvard to pursue a degree in Economics and Political Science, where I had a full need-based scholarship, , since my family would not be able to cover all those costs.. I chose to return home to fight for policies that end privileges,break the monopoly of surnames,overcomes radical polarisation, and promotes dialogue.I came back to Brazil to continue my fight for a public education of high quality, which is my main campaign flag.

Anyone that has known me for some time knows that I am passionate about this theme, which is what motivated me to found different social initiatives, like Mapa Educação and O Formigueiro, meaning ‘the Anthill’. Fighting for  education is in my DNA and is the mission of my life. As one of my main proposals, I want to defend access to full public schools for all children and young people in the state and a mass extension of technical education in high school in the state public network.

Political renewal is necessary and it's not easy. That is why we must all mobilise ourselves so that we will be together in October to witness the beginning of change and real renewal in politics. Regardless of your ideological position, it is crucial that you exercise your citizenship by voting and supporting a political project. Now is the moment.

For this renewed Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, politics must have a transformative role. I believe in this. What about you?

Best regards from Rio,

Renan Ferreirinha Carneiro

Renan Ferreirinha Carneiro is a One Young World Ambassador who will be running for the office of State Deputy in Rio de Janeiro as the PSB party candidate in the upcoming elections.

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