"It’s time to rise up," says Vincentian poet activist

One Young World Ambassador Dillon Ollivierre is an award-winning poet in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He uses poetry as his medium to influence social changes, particularly in his home country.

About his below poem, Dillon said:
"I hope this poem will inspire others to stand up for what's right. We cannot allow fear to prevent us from doing the right thing. When we surrender our voice and our individual rights and responsibilities, we essentially contribute to the demise of so many things men and women of the past and present have worked for and are working to achieve. The struggle to live a normal and happy life must never be put on the backburner. We are our brothers' keepers and I therefore feel the pain that many of my brothers and sisters feel when they are dealt a bad hand in life."

"To One Young World Ambassadors and young people everywhere; your voice is a powerful thing, but actions accompanying your words are twice as powerful. Let us therefore rise up and be the change we want to see in the world!"

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Must Never Be In Vain

When your voice 
And your choice 
Is being undermined 
By men with no spine 
Then you know, it’s time to rise up
No longer can you be laid back, no longer can you simply look on
The sacrifices our ancestors made 
The blood, the sweat and tears 
Must never be in vain

The works of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela 
Your mother, your father 
Your idol, your hero 
Your mentor
Your brother, your sister 
Your friend, and the many change makers 
Must never be in vain

When our freedom becomes hostage 
Then we must mend the divided
Become united 
And rise up in courage 
We must be strong spirited 
And committed 
To fighting for what’s right 
Our sight 
Must never become blurred when wrong shows its face 
Trying its best to divide and conquer the human race

In our time of great difficulty 
We must remember our help cometh from God almighty 
In this our period of darkness 
Our light must shine brightest 
We must not be afraid, nor cower at the feet of wicked men 
We must however rise up and stand toe to toe with them………

© Dillon Ollivierre, January 2017