One Young World London - Impossible to Ignore on World Refugee Day

This past Monday, the world paused to reflect on World Refugee Day. The UNHCR believes that there are now 65m refugees in the world, or in other words, every 1 in 113 of us in the world has been forcibly displaced from our homes.

The One Young World community in London & the South East gathered to celebrate the talent of our fellow Ambassador, Hannah Rose Thomas, who became an Ambassador after attending the Bangkok summit last year. She has dedicated her adult life to supporting refugees, and vulnerable people; her humanity and talent are immense in equal measure.

In my second year as the Coordinating Ambassador for the region, I was hugely proud of our community on Monday night. Not only were we showcasing Hannah’s work, we were lucky to have the support of another OYWLondon Ambassador, Indy Hothi, and his social enterprise Hothi & Othi to curate the exhibition. Further, our podcast team were in attendance to help share the moment with an even bigger audience – another initiative founded in the London region. Check out their episode from the event here.

We really showed the power of One Young World, bringing together a range of talents amongst our young leaders for an incredibly positive outcome. I would encourage Ambassadors around the world to take Hannah’s exhibition as an example by which we can all work together. We truly have the skills and resources amongst us to make a difference.

My goal as the Coordinating Ambassador for London has always been that one day we would be impossible to ignore, that when we work together and create a shared goal or viewpoint, people would listen and take note. Last night, I believe we achieved that for the first time. A range of British media outlets agreed, featuring Hannah on both TV and in print.

The evening was made all the more special by the 160 guests that attended, especially Her Royal Highness, Princess Eugenie of York.  

Thank you all for your support!