Reflections from the University of Bath student committee

Since they first sent student representatives to attend the annual One Young World (OYW) Summit back in 2013, the University of Bath has developed a strong partnership with OYW through their Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. Every year, the University of Bath selects two exceptional undergraduate students to attend the annual One Young World Summit.

Read the reflections of the outgoing and incoming University of Bath student representatives below:

One Young World Bath Final Thoughts & Impact Report 2019/20

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Greetings from your One Young World Delegate 2020/21!

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Hello from your international OYW Delegate 2020/21

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The Annual Bath Caucus

Every year the University of Bath, with the help of their dedicated student committee and volunteers, host a Caucus with the aim to bring back to campus the inspiration from the OYW Summit. The University has welcomed an impressive lineup of speakers, from Royal Ballet soloist Fernando Montanto and disability activist Caroline Casey, to Taliban attack survivor Ahmad Nawaz 

The most recent Caucus welcomed more than 150 attendees and consisted of a series of international and domestic speaker talks, workshops, and networking opportunities.



University of Bath Caucus 2017



University of Bath Caucus 2018



University of Bath Caucus 2019



University of Bath Caucus 2020