What it means to be part of the OYW Community

To all of our Delegates, the One Young World Summit 2019 could not have been any more magical. To celebrate our 10th anniversary with you all was an absolute pleasure - we are overwhelmed with your energy, humbled by your leadership and excited to support you in your journeys as OYW Ambassadors. You are now part of a 12,000+ strong family across the world.

Becoming a OYW Ambassador - #OYW2019 from One Young World on Vimeo.

What do the Community Team do?

At its core, OYW creates social impact by identifying, connecting and promoting young leaders from 190+ countries. Delegates return from the Summit with the means and motivation to make a difference in their communities and corporations.  We as a dedicated Community Team work year round to track community impact, organise events, facilitate local networking, spark opportunities for collaboration, and provide growth opportunities through mentorship, funding programmes and media exposure. We are also responsible for managing all of our core scholarship programmes which bring top talent to the Summit every year.

Given OYW is a powerful advocacy platform achieving significant progress with the SDGs, deepening democracy and including young people in major decision-making processes, the Community Team is your gateway to key opportunities. The more you keep in touch with the Community Team, the more opportunities will come your way. This is how to best maximise your Ambassador status.  

So, what happens now that you've left the Summit?

With the support of the Community Team, delegates-turned-Ambassadors work on their own initiatives or lend the power of the network to existing projects. Of those in employment, many return to their companies to create change from within, energising their corporate environment. 

You should carry your Ambassador title with pride - it is a highly regarded title which will open many doors for you. 

As mentioned  before, our team supports the Ambassador community in a number of ways:

1) Designing bespoke programmes, for example:

- Lead2030: the first coalition of global businesses which has so far provided £500,000 in funding to youth-led solutions to the SDGs.

- OYWConnects:  a peer-to-peer mentorship programme that matches Ambassadors with early-stage social enterprises with Ambassadors with corporate expertise.

- Facebook Social Entrepreneurship Award: a programme which offers advertising credits and executive Facebook mentorship to social entrepreneurs to scale their initiatives.

2) Connecting Ambassadors with media opportunities. Whether international news outlets or local papers, we work to plug you into press.

3) Organising regional events to meet face-to-face, learn from senior experts & participate in workshops 

4) Plugging Ambassadors into speaking engagements, for example:

- European Development Days - the EU's largest development conference

- Goalkeepers - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual event during Global Goals Week

- Cannes Lions - the largest gathering of the advertising and creative communications industry

5) Conducting impact analysis on Ambassador projects year-round. Check out our latest Annual Impact Report

6) Providing access to exclusive opportunities provided by OYW's Partner network

7) Facilitating connections with other Ambassadors to accelerate your work

8) Showcasing and promoting your achievements via OYW’s digital channels which have an audience of 600,000+ 

We can’t do this work alone of course...

Our team is supported by a global team of Coordinating Ambassadors who lead community engagement across our 26 geographical regions. This engagement is key to sustaining momentum after each Summit, tracking the impact of individual Ambassadors and making useful connections between them. A team of Managing Ambassadors working in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia work to support the Coordinators throughout the year. 

This year alone, led by our Coordinators, we have hosted over 2,000 people in 20 countries at what we refer to as ‘Caucuses’. These events have been hosted by the likes of Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, British Council, Citi, Deloitte, Western Union, Standard Chartered, Buhler, Audi, PwC and more.

Tracking your work is key: impact measurement

After the Summit, OYW reaches out to Ambassadors to find out how the experience has helped you further develop their work. Each year One Young World publishes the Annual Impact Report which features over 50 Ambassador projects. One Young World uses the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to analyse the impact of Ambassador initiatives working to achieve all 17 SDGs. 

We’ve determined that for every $1 invested, OYW Ambassador initiatives create $13 of SROI. Since 2010, 20.5 million people have been directly impacted by ventures led by OYW Ambassadors. 

We can’t determine these figures without you - so please do ensure you keep an eye out for any communications from the OYW team about this. Several Ambassadors have gone onto receiving major funding and accolades because of their report feature - the OYW stamp offers legitimacy and backing which really does pave the way for great opportunities.

We look forward to supporting you in the months and years to come!

Contact: [email protected]

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