Resources & actions: standing in solidarity with Ukraine

On Thursday 24 February, Russian forces launched a large-scale military offensive on Ukraine, putting the safety of millions of Ukranians and residents at risk. The One Young World community stands in solidarity with all those that are affected by the emerging conflict and calls for every effort to avoid a further escalation of violence.

A number of One Young World Ambassadors* have shared key resources that will allow those in and outside of Ukraine to follow developments in the country and directly support peacebuilding efforts. These resources are listed below.

If you have any resources to contribute, please email [email protected].

Recommended actions to take

  • Contact your Ukrainian friends to ask about the wellbeing of their families. Ask if they need assistance.
  • Participate in peaceful rallies and demonstrations in solidarity with Ukraine. A list can be found here.
  • Contact your local MPs and government officials to express condemnation of Russian aggression.
  • Display solidarity with Ukraine by displaying a flag in your window, on your clothes, on your social media accounts, or wherever you find appropriate.
  • This page and the #standwithukraine marketplace has signposted various ways to help
  • This page has listed various ways of donating to help
  • Take action using the methods listed on this page

Recommended sources of information & tools

Follow and share verified information about the ongoing crisis via Ukraine’s official government channels and news outlets.

Recommended resources to assist refugees

  • Romanian solidarity for Ukraine: This platform helps to streamline the support that the Romanian population wants to offer to the refugees from Ukraine.
  • This platform, created by Code for Romania in partnership with the Department of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairsthe UN Refugee Agency, the International Organization for Migration and the Romanian National Council for Refugees, helps civilians fleeing the war in Ukraine to find all relevant information about seeking protection in Romania.
  • Shelter for Ukraine: connecting people who need assistance with housing
  • Supporting Ukraine: a list of country specific resources
  • Relocation options for Ukrainians: a document providing practical support for those fleeing Ukraine
  • Citizens of Our Planet Supply Inventory Platform: a platform detailing how to provide supplies for refugees
  • Shelters in Europe has outlined various ways to assist refugees; they also can be found on Instagram

Recommended organisations to support

Resources to support women and children affected by the war

  • Support for pregnant women throughout Ukraine through a Telegram group
  • Girls: an NGO providing humanitarian (financial) assistance to women and children affected, providing targeted support to families in Irpen and the areas mostly affected by the Russian invasion (inhabitants of Irpen, Bucha, Vorzel, Hostomel and Kotsiubynske). 
  • This Google Form provides direct financial support for families with children 
  • The social enterprise Good Cake is providing free meals for refugees and volunteers in the city of Vinnytsia
  • Institute of Cognitive Modeling is providing Psychological support, which can be found here
  • A resource that provides psychological assistance to Ukrainians 
  • A project created by Svitlana Roiz and the Ministry of Education and Science entitled “Psychological care for children"
  • A Telegram channel that provides audio tales for children who are in a shelter or cellar, with no internet connection. 
  • Child Hotline: a hotline for parents to get free consultations from psychologists to assess the overall condition of the children and get support. They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram (@CHL116111)
  • The Ukrainian Network for the Children’s Rights, together with UNICEF, is launching a support line for children, families and social workers. Women in need can call the following numbers: Kyivstar: +380675679845; Lifecell: +380636614252; +380633994592; Vodafonе: +380953271521

  • La-Strada Ukraine: Services operating within the framework of UNFPA Ukraine to provide free psychological support to Ukrainian women. You can get psychological support 24/7 on Facebook, Skype (lastrada-ukraine), by email ([email protected]) and Telegram (@NHL116123)
  • Psychologists from the career hub “Розірви коло” are ready to support women to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Consultations available via Messenger, Viber, Telegram and phone.
    • Marina +38 098 996 97 90
    • Eugene +38 097 314 53 83
    • Martha +38 050 371 40 55 (Lviv – offline)
    • Natalia +38 098 929 75 53 (Lviv – offline)
  • The Volunteer Initiative “Protection of Children of Ukraine” has launched an online platform with free lessons for children and psychological help. Thanks to the service, children all over Ukraine who have access to the Internet can study with teachers in real time.
  • ‘People in Need’ offers psychological support to people affected by the war. The hotline works 24/7, is confidential, anonymous and free of charge from any operator: 0800 210160

Resources created by the Global Shapers Hubs in Ukraine

  • Support Ukraine NOW: the Global Shapers Hub has created a list of resources to help Ukraine as a foreigner, with local tips in multiple languages

*Please note these resources have been sourced by trusted members of the community and have not been fully verified by One Young World.

Published on 24/02/2022