Call On COP


The most global action on Climate Change in 2015

At the One Young World Summit 2015, young leaders from every country in the world addressed their Heads of Government on mainstream media before the Paris Climate Conference - COP21 - commencing on 30 November.  Each Call On COP delegate delivered an impactful speech highlighting how climate change is endangering our future. 

One Young World Counsellors including former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Unilever CEO Paul Polman and philanthropist Sir Bob Geldof also called on world leaders to commit to capping carbon emissions.

20 years of UN climate negotiations have been unable to produce a legally binding and universal agreement on climate Change. The united voice of young leaders and global luminaries ensures that governments know that the world is watching them.

Each of these speeches is being picked up by media outlets all over the world, in the efforts to spread these messages and create inescapable impact ahead of COP21. 

How you can support Call On COP

  1. Find the Call On COP video for your country on our Call On COP YouTube playlist. Share the video and spread the word across social media and include videos in your personal and professional email signatures.
  2. Have something to say of your own? Record your own Call On COP message and share it with your network.
  3. On Monday 30 November, Tweet Call On COP videos directly to your Head of Government, Minister for Environment, Minister of Commerce, environmental NGOs and youth organisations operating in your country.
  4. Follow the events at COP21 and use #COP21 and #CallOnCOP to keep your networks up to date with developments.