Coordinating Ambassadors - Asia

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Coordinating Regions: 

South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

East Asia: China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mongolia  

Southeast Asia: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam


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Managing Ambassador

em-em parra


Emmanuele Marie Parra

Manila, Philippines

[email protected]


Emmanuele Marie Parra is a dynamic and accomplished individual dedicated to social impact and community empowerment. Currently serving as Programme Officer in Asia, for TrustLaw at the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Emmanuele manages relationships with NGOs and social enterprises, connecting them with legal professionals to promote pro bono legal practice in Asia and the Pacific region.

She served as the One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for the Southeast Asia region for three years, and as a Managing Ambassador for Asia since 2020.

Coordinating Ambassadors

South Asia

Sinchitta Dutta Roy


Sinchita Dutta Roy

London, United Kingdom

[email protected]

Sinchita is a sales and marketing professional with a keen interest in customer insights & digital innovation. She currently leads a pan-EU team, aimed at digitizing fashion businesses at Amazon.

Her passion is towards educating the underprivileged youth of India, leading her to become actively involved at the grassroots level within her local community. Sinchita has been associated with the Robin Hood Army, an organization dedicated to redistributing food to the needy by collecting excess food from restaurants/gatherings.

East Asia



Takuto Hori

Tokyo, Japan

[email protected]

My mission is to connect individuals through their shared missions and to continuously create a place that shapes a better future. With this goal in mind, I established an organization named Hive Japan. Hive Japan's aim is to build a community where motivated young people can inspire each other through their shared missions. 

By investing money into the Hive Japan ecosystem and providing wisdom, I believe that this community will eventually nurture new industry leaders in Japan's economy and political leaders who will guide people towards a better future. To achieve this, I am committed to creating the premier community in Japan.

Southeast Asia

Samantha Thian (Headshot).jpg


Samantha Thian


[email protected]

Samantha is the founder of Seastainable, and also presently at Electrolux as Senior Manager for Sustainability in APAC & MEA. In 2017, she founded Seastainable in Singapore to give back to marine conservation. Her work in conservation began almost 7 years ago when she started working with whale sharks in the Philippines.

Samantha is extremely passionate about South East Asian Sustainability initiatives, and Seastainable has been able to reach over 7 different ASEAN countries, as well as support over 33 global projects, committing over $50,000 SGD to marine conservation. In her free time, you’ll often find her by the beaches of East Coast Park doing a cleanup, and encourages everyone to come along. She lives by the philosophy - “We don’t need one person doing sustainability perfectly, we need millions doing it imperfectly”.

Engagement Leads

South Asia

arnab headshot


Arnab Banerjee

Pune, India

Arnab is a product manager with a keen interest in data driven business intelligence. He currently works for Credit Suisse where he has delivered tech products in domains such as sustainable financing, climate change and trading. At the non-profit INCF, Arnab has administered international neuro-informatics projects that have been funded by Google. In engineering college, Arnab was part of a student team that developed India's first passively stabilized satellite. He is passionate about leveraging technology to positively impact the world at scale and believes that tech can be a force for greater good.

South Asia



Manasi Gupta

Gurugram, India

Manasi Gupta is an engineer and the founder of Huesofthemind Mental Well-being Foundation, a UN SDSN non-profit member organisation that has impacted 50,000+ beneficiaries. She is a published author of the book, Hues of You, and has delivered 60+ talks globally. She believes that empathy, consistency and courage are the biggest instruments of change.

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