Ambassadors leading action in Europe on COVID-19

Europe is now considered the epicentre of the global COVID-19 pandemic. With rising death tolls and many countries already in full lockdown, the need for leadership in this time of crisis has never been greater. The One Young World Ambassador community in Europe has been on the frontlines of the pandemic response in a multitude of ways. Some have focused their efforts on working with European governments to craft responses while others have focused on serving their community. These responses showcase the diversity and compassion of the Ambassador community who have leapt into action to help their communities stay safe and healthy.

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Thuy Nguyen. Independent Consultant

As Head of Communications at 4SD, Thuy supports Dr David Nabarro, a Special Envoy of WHO Director-General on COVID-19, as he provides strategic advice and high-level political advocacy and engagement to help WHO coordinate the global response. At The Partnering Initiative, Thuy is launching a helpline to mobilise TPI’s global network of associates who can provide organisations with advice on effective collaboration.

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Laura Casati. Online Marketing Manager, GlobeAir

GlobeAir is working to use company resources to slow the spread of COVID-19. They are offering up planes for use transporting critical resources from one area to another. These flights can transfer medicine, supplies, organs, and medical professionals. These flights are also helping repatriate stranded Austrians and transport top-decision makers from place to place to place.

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Stan Karpenko. Founder, Give Vision

Stan Karpenko is the founder of GiveVision, a company that provides groundbreaking technical solutions for visual impairments. Many people in GiveVision’s network are elderly people in the highest risk group for the COVID-19 and are socially isolated from their friends and loved ones. GiveVision has created a program that matches young volunteers with elderly people for twenty-minute weekly phone calls.

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Matthew Leopold. Head of Brand and PR, Lexis Nexus

Matthew is a volunteer with three ambulance services in the London area. Along with hundreds of other volunteers, Matthew helps respond to the inflated number of 999 calls caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and make sure that every citizen has access to emergency medical services and transportation to the hospital.



Sal Mohammed. CEO, Connected Homeless

Sal and the Connected Homeless team have developed an app called Help at Home. This platform allows isolated citizens to submit requests for help and then connects them with local volunteers capable of fulfilling those requests. This will help isolated citizens stay connected with their communities and gain access to essential services.

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Abdelhamid Idrissi. Founder, Studiezalen

Abdelhamid runs a program in Amsterdam called Studiezalen in which he helps families from vulnerable neighborhoods keep up with their children’s education. His student centers have become critical during the COVID-19 outbreak and he has provided many students with the tools they need to continue school online. 

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Meg Zeenat & Damian Zabielski, My Mind Matters Too

My Mind Matters Too (MMMT) is reaching out to students and educators to check-in or their mental health during this difficult time, releasing weekly newsletters with tips on coping to this new academic reality. MMMT is also hosting Tea and Talk sessions for people to join together and discuss their mental health.

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Jemima Lovatt. Partnerships Lead, SpareHand

Jemima is part of the leadership team at SpareHand, which is helping community organisations find and manage volunteers during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.  The app enables charities to go digital with their existing volunteer base, generate volunteer availability for tasks and swiftly integrate new volunteers.They are currently onboarding local charities and community groups.


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Samuel Grzybowski. Founder, Coexister

As the leader of an interfaith movement, Samuel has put together live sessions on social media to keep the community informed about inter-religious cooperation during times of crisis. In this time the Foundation strives to bring religious people together to support one another and bond over their shared faith.

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Fatima Zaman. Countering Violent Extremism Advocate, Kofi Annan Foundation

Fatima has joined the team crafting government policy towards COVID-19. In her role as the head of the UK G20 Youth Delegation, she is working with another One Young World Ambassador, Virginia Stuart-Taylor (also featured on this list) to help craft a unified international youth response to COVID-19.


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Miganoush Magarian. CEO and Founder, TeachSurfing

TeachSurfing has started a workshop series that helps educate people about COVID-19. This series goes beyond simply informing the public and brings in experts to enlighten viewers on the central debates surrounding cutting edge treatment and technology to help those ailing from COVID-19. 

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Jolly Layard Horsfall. Chief Financial Officer, Happy Space

Happy Space has created a campaign called #HappySpaceAtHome which focuses on helping UK-based students continue learning despite school closures. They are sending the #HappySpaceGuidebook to students learning from home to provide them with tools and strategies to maintain their mental and physical wellbeing during the quarantine.

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Virginia Stuart-Taylor. Head of UK Delegation, G7 Youth Summit

Virginia has worked with young leaders from around the world to create a unified response statement to the COVID-19 pandemic: 

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Virginia and the UK's Y7 delegation are eager to hear young people's views on how world leaders should be dealing with the crisis, via survey:

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Grigor Yeritsyan. Executive Director, Armenian Progressive Youth

Grigor is using his organization Armenian Progressive Youth to help distribute food to older people in Armenia that can not leave their homes due to COVID-19. Their network of volunteers has already begun packing and delivering boxes of food. They are planning to provide groceries for 4,000 older people for a month.


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Esther Marshall, Senior Manager Diversity and Inclusion, Unilever

Esther is the author of the Sophie Says children's book series, to help children believe in themselves and achieve their dreams, regardless of gender, race, religion or class.

Sophie Says has launched a fundraising campaign to donate copies of the book to vulnerable children and children of key workers. All proceeds will go towards helping those going through abuse get back on their feet.

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Ronit Kanwar. Co-Founder & CEO, Empower Energy

Ronit has launched Fight Covid, a platform which allows for individuals to volunteer their expertise and skills to help organisations and projects with their efforts against COVID-19. The platform's goal is to make sure that no UK initiatives tackling COVID-19 are left behind just because they lack the expertise or support they need for their ideas to develop, grow and flourish.

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Sara Rajabli


Sara Rajabli. Founder, BUTA Art & Sweets

Given the negative impacts of COVID-19, Social Business Youth Center launched an online mentorship programme on social entrepreneurship for underprivileged youth in Azerbaijan. In partnership with Yunus & Youth, Sara and her team will be matching young people in need with top local and international professionals & social entrepreneurs.

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Caritta Seppa, COO & Co-Founder, Tespack Ltd.

COVID-19 has been particularly damaging in remote areas, where the impact can be more drastic due to a lack of resources. To counter this, Tespack has developed the Solar Media Backpack, an innovative solution that converts any space into a smart classroom. Teachers can showcase and provide videos and information about COVID-19 (as well as other educational content) in off-grid regions.

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Tamar Lobjanidze


Tamar Lobjanidze. Co-Founder, Our Generation for Inclusive Peace

Tamar and her team are running a blog series on COVID-19; they are seeking contributions from people that are directly affected by the outbreak or who are working on the ground in conflict contexts.

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Naz Kawan


Naz Kawan. Founder, A Beautiful Mess

Naz along with three others have established Mondmaskerfabriek, the first mask-making factory in the Netherlands. They have now begun productions and are looking to employ 28 asylum seekers (status holders) in the Netherlands.

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Eman Borg, Founder & President, LGBTI+ Gozo

Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement, Allied Rainbow Communities, Checkpoint Malta and LGBTI Gozo have joined forces to seek to find accommodation for people at risk, or who have already become homeless. The organisations have also opened a trust fund for donations that will serve as an emergency funding in case persons living with HIV cannot afford their current medication.

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