Five times Latin Grammy winning singer

The five times Latin Grammy winner, born in Bogota, Colombia on the 29th of May 1979, is best known by his last name: Fonseca. Versatility has been his trademark throughout his growing and influential career as a singer/songwriter.

In 2002, Fonseca releases his self-titled debut album in Colombia garnering rave reviews and heavy rotation on radio stations.

His follow up album titled Corazón (Heart), was released in 2005 under EMI Music Colombia. The album included “Te Mando Flores”, a hit song that topped radio charts for 22 consecutive weeks, and was later followed by “Hace Tiempo” and “Cómo me Mira”, two singles that launched his growing popularity in Latin America.

With Corazón, Fonseca earned a spot in the international music map, by being awarded the “Best New Tropical Artist” both in Premios Lo Nuestro and MTV Latin Music Awards. The album also won “Best Tropical Album” in the Billboard Latin Music Awards and “Te Mando Flores” was granted the Latin Grammy for “Best Tropical Song” in 2008. Established as Colombian’s newest music star, Fonseca presented his new album Gratitud in 2008 reaching No. 1 soon after its release. The album’s tour GRATITOUR traveled to more than 25 countries and reached 16 cities in the United States. Hit songs like “Estar Lejos”, recorded with Willie Colon, and “Arroyito” were guests of honor on every evening’s playlist. These singles earned him two Latin Grammy nominations and the tour took Fonseca for the first time in his career to Europe and China, where he represented Colombia in the Shanghai World Expo (2010).

Fonseca decides to use his voice to fight worthy causes including “Canta Conmigo”, a social initiative created by the Colombian Presidency that sought the social reintegration of former militants of the guerrillas and paramilitares through music. He also participated in several United Nations’ programs, one of which was “Ya no más violencia contra las mujeres” (no more violence against women). For this initiative, the artist performed a historical show in Guatemala City’s Plaza de la Constitución. Fonseca also joined fellow musician Juanes in the campaign “Soñar en un Derecho” (Dreaming is a Right), which fights against the draft of minors by illegal groups.

In late 2011, Fonseca released his album Ilusión, which certified Quintuple Platinum in Colombia (Diamond) only four months after its release. The album was taken to the road on a tour that visited more than 17 Colombian cities. Ilusión, produced by Fonseca, Bernardo Ossa (producer of Corazón and Gratitud) and Venezuelan producer Andrés Levin, combines different genres with Vallenato, Pop, Rock and Merengue in 10 songs co-written with recognized songwriters such as Claudia Brant, Descemer Bueno and Alejandro Bassi, among others.

Ilusion won “Best Tropical Fusion Album” in the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards. This same year also won “Best Tropical Artist” at the Texas Awards and received an important nomination to the Grammy awards for “Best Latin Pop Album”.

With “Eres Mi Sueño”, Ilusion’s first single, Fonseca once again leaded the charts in the United States, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and other territories, thanks to its contagious rhythm of urban merengue topped with Vallenato’s trademark instrument accordion. Ilusion was elected the 3rd best Latin Album of 2012 in the list of the “10 best latin albums” of that year by the Chicago Sun Times.

With “Ilusion World Tour”, Fonseca traveled the Globe sharing stage with Marc Anthony and Chayanne in Costa Rica and Panama as part of the Gigantes Tour and Willie Colon in Australia for 3 dates, also co-headlining with Enrique Iglesias and Daddy Yankee in Cartagena, Colombia. The Ilusion World Tour also visited over 16 cities in the United States and many other countries around the world, including a tour through Europe on June of 2014 that visited cities like London, Bree (Belgium), Milan and Madrid.

On July 2014, Fonseca launched one of the most important projects of his successful career: the DVD FONSECA SINFÓNICO, a compilation of his hits recorded in March of that year in classical format along with more than 100 musicians from National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, one of the most prestigious and recognized classical institutions, under the leadership of the Belgian director Paul Dury. This album has already received his 3rd Platinum Disc and was awarded with a Latin Grammy in 2014 for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

FONSECA SINFÓNICO DVD was directed by German-Colombian director Christian Schmid (Levi's, Fiat, Fonseca, Red Bull), while the sound was recorded and mixed by Eduardo Bergallo (Soda Estereo, Gustavo Cerati, Natalia Lafourcade, Shakira), one of Latin America’s most influential audio professionals, and was mostly arranged by Juan Andrés Otalora.

In June 2015, Fonseca will premiere on radio stations the brand new single “Entre Mi Vida y La Tuya” from his anticipated fifth studio album, set to be released in October 2015. Written by Fonseca and produced by award-winning producer Julio Reyes Copello (Marc Anthony, Nelly Furtado, Alejandro Sanz, Diego Torres, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin), “Entre Mi Vida y La Tuya” was recorded in Miami and mixed by Iker Gastaminza (Shakira, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Fernandez, Chayanne, Olga Tañon).

CONEXION, is the fifth studio album released in 2016 and it has already been certified as Quadruple Platinum Album in Colombia. Conexion was ranked number 1 in Itunes in Colombia and Peru, number 2 in The United States and it was also between the top 10 in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and Guatemala, among others.

Fonseca, continuing with his award-winning musical career. On June 17, 2015, in Los Angeles, he was honored with the special Sesac Latina Contemporary Icon Award, highlighting him as "one of the most successful and influential songwriter in the world."

In October of 2015 Fonseca received the "Prize Winner" at the Musa Awards, an award that was established by the Pavilion of Fame of the Latin Composers and recognizes the great talent of the artist as well as his artistic achievements.

The third single "Vine A Buscarte" has ranked on the first places of charts in the different Latin American countries. Fonseca also won the 2016 Latin Grammy as "Best Tropical Song"

The video of this single was recorded in Barranquilla, Colombia, under the direction of Miguel Vélez and after 1 year of its released, it has already achieved more than 17 million views on YouTube.

After the great success of this song, Fonseca presented his urban version with the collaboration of Alexis and Fido, under the production of Eliot Feliciano "The Wizard of Oz".

The fifth CD of Fonseca featured the participation of the Colombian singer Juanes in the song Y TU, where he accompanies him with electric guitar and vocals. Another of the special guests in "Conexión" is the Puerto Rican artist Victor Manuelle in the song Amor Eterno.

Parallel to his album Conexion, Fonseca also released on October 2, 2015, a special project: the album "Tribute to the music of Diomedes Diaz". This album, produced by Bernardo Ossa (producer of Fonseca´s albums "Corazón" and "Gratitud"), contains 12 songs that made famous the missing Colombian singer Diomedes Díaz.

In this album "Homenaje" of Fonseca, there were several icons of vallenato music such as Alvaro López (Accordion in Homenaje al Maestro), Cocha Molina (accordion in Tres Canciones, La Ventana Marroncita) and Chabuco voices (Brindo Con El Alma), Martin Elías (Mi Primera Cana) and Rafael Santos (Mi Muchacho). This album was also winner of the Latin Grammy in 2016 as "Cumbia / Vallenato's best album".

In December of 2016 "Conexion" was nominated to the Grammys on the category of "Best Tropical Album", ceremony that took place the 12 of February 2017 in Los Angeles.

"Tour Conexión" is the tour of Fonseca's hit "Conexión" album, which has led him to appear in coliseums and stadiums with sold-out venues in 10 Colombian cities between 2015 and 2016.

After conquering sales and being unanimously acclaimed by the Colombian media, the "Tour Conexión" culminated its first stage by 12 cities in the United States and Canada with sold out tickets in 5 major cities (New York, Miami, Orlando, Toronto and Calgary)

Fonseca, once again demonstrating its human side decided to link up with the PREMA Foundation, which works in Human Rights Education in Colombia. This time through a symphonic concert "Fonseca de Colores" on January 22, 2016 in Bogotá it was able to raise Funds for the construction of two play centers of the Foundation.

On May 13, 2016 in Mexico, Fonseca fulfilled one of his biggest dreams when he performed "Bambú" with the renowned and admired Spanish artist Miguel Bosé, which is part of the musical special "Bosé: MTV Unplugged". This theme was chosen as the launch single for this successful production.

On June 8, 2016 Fonseca participated in the charity gala invited by his hosts Carlos Slim Domit and his wife María Elena Torruco, in which they seek to support the neurology department of the Children's Hospital in Mexico.

Continuing his social work, on June 14, 2016 Fonseca added his voice to a great cause for childhood, becoming the first goodwill ambassador in Colombia with the Save the Children Foundation.

Fonseca also participated as a jury in "A Otro Nivel", a Colombian contest broadcast and produced by Caracol Televisión, where together with great characters of the music like Kike Santander and Silvestre Dangond seek to discover new talents in the music industry. This new format became one of the most important Colombian television achieving high ratings.

Fonseca received the PRO-SOCIAL recognition during the KIDS 'Choice Awards on September 10, 2016 for his long and successful career using his voice to fight against various philanthropic causes.

On September 30 Fonseca was invited by the legendary musician Ringo Starr to participate in the song "Now The Time Has Come". The anthem, composed by Ringo Starr and produced by Bruce Sugar in alliance with the United Nations, commemorates the historic treatment for Peace in Colombia. Song

In March 2017 Fonseca signed with Magnus Media, the entertainment and sports company founded in 2015 by Marc Anthony, to act as co-manager with the FONSECA representative for many years, Carlos Saavedra.

On March 15, 2017, he received the prize in the Tropical category for #VineABuscarte during the 25th annual edition of the ASCAP Awards for Latin Music.

After the great success of Conexión, on June 07, 2017, Fonseca released a special edition album titled +Conexión, which included five new songs; Vine a Buscarte, (remix) with Alexis y Fido, two important features with Andrés Cepeda “Como te Puedo Entender” and India Martinez “Entre mi Vida y la Tuya” and two more songs composed for the television series “El Comandante” (“Vida Sagrada” and “Por Ahora y Para Siempre”).

Fonseca has always shown great interest in social work, that is why on August 01, 2017, along with Camilo Hoyos decided to launch his Foundation Gratitud, which in essence seeks protection of cultural traditions in Colombia.

Fonseca's popularity is palpable both on the stage and on social networks where he enjoys an impressive presence, with over 1.9 million Facebook likes, more than 4.0 million Twitter followers and over 589,000 followers on Instagram. On the other hand his videos on YouTube reached more than 185 million visits.

His immeasurable talent and more than a million and a half albums sold in his career make him one of the most important Latin artists in the Latin American music industry.