Matthew Willman

Documentary photographer



Matthew Willman is a freelance documentary photographer working across Southern Africa with some of the world’s foremost charitable and funding organisations that include Oxfam International, World Health Organisation and the European Commission.

As a photographer, Willman’s photographic commissions include places like Robben Island, Inanda Heritage, The Royal Ballet School in London, Tromso in the Arctic Circle and Red Fern Aboriginal Centre in Australia. Personalities include from amongst others: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Annie Lennox, FW De Klerk, The Dalai Lama and US President Bill Clinton.

Willman is both intrigued and inspired by people, who they are and what they shape themselves to be. None more so than the man Nelson Mandela. Since 2004 Willman has worked as a commissioned photographer to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, being afforded many incredibly intimate experiences with a man who for Willman embodies the very spirit and conviction we all possess as South Africans

In 2011 The Matthew Willman Foundation for the Visual Arts was founded. Its existence as a charitable organisation is committed to making a difference to individuals and communities through the visual arts. Using the visual arts as an enabler we aim to inspire individual change and help uplift vulnerable communities. We seek to provide empowerment opportunities for visual artists so as to nurture and develop talent and ability.