Rakesh Kapoor


Rakesh Kapoor is CEO of RB (Reckitt Benckiser), a £10 billion global leader in consumer health and hygiene company, with Powerbrands such as Dettol, Nurofen, Durex, Vanish and Strepsils.

Rakesh has worked for RB for over 25 years in which time the company has changed its business focus from Household cleaning to Health & Hygiene. RB is driven by a purpose to provide people with innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes. and use the power of technology and digital to shape how they make a difference.

Rakesh was born in India and spent half his working life there. He has seen first hand that poor health is a real social and economic burden for people. This is why healthier lives and happier homes matters to him. And it matters to RB’s consumers, customers and employees.

RB’s broader responsibilities are also at the forefront of their agenda. Rakesh is proud of the ground breaking RB and Save the Children initiative to stop children dying from Diarrhoea, one of the biggest killing diseases of children under five globally.