Susan R. Eaton

Polar Explorer

A Canadian geologist, geophysicist and journalist, Susan R. Eaton explores the world’s oceans—from Antarctica to the Arctic—in the snorkel zone, a unique land-sea-ice-air interface where charismatic animals and snorkelers comingle. Susan leverages her science and communications background, translating environmental issues into bite-size action steps and empowering people to uphold human rights and protect the planet’s wild spaces.

In 2013, Susan founded the Sedna Epic Expedition which is comprised of an international team of women ocean explorers, scientists, journalists, movie-makers, photographers, artists, educators and scuba diving professionals. In 2018, Team Sedna will boldly go where no man has gone before, mounting a snorkel relay of the 3,000-kilometre Northwest Passage. Sedna’s sea women will study the impacts of disappearing sea ice in the Arctic, combining scientific investigations with aboriginal knowledge to document climate change and ocean change. Working with girls and young women in the Inuit and Inuvialuit communities situated along the Northwest Passage, Team Sedna will inspire the next generation of Indigenous leaders to tackle the impacts of societal change and climate change in the Arctic.

Susan is a member of the board of directors of Nature Canada, and a founding member of Nature Canada’s Women for Nature, an initiative that brings women together to protect wilderness, save wildlife and connect kids to nature.

In 2016, Susan was named one of Canada’s 25 greatest female explorers by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (the RCGS). In 2015, the RCGS named her one of Canada’s top 100 modern-day explorers and trailblazers.

Susan holds a M.Sc. in petroleum geology from the University of London and a diploma in petroleum geology (geophysics option) from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College. She has a B.J. Honours degree in journalism from Carleton University and a B.Sc. Honours degree (geology and biology) from Dalhousie University.