An evening with Yeonmi Park

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Yeonmi Park's delegate speech about her personal experience living in and fleeing North Korea was one of the the most significant moments of the One Young World Summit 2014. During her speech, Yeonmi called on One Young World Ambassadors to join her in forming a global movement to promote human rights in North Korea.

Whether you were present in Dublin or you became an Ambassador at a previous Summit, you have the chance to show your support for Yeonmi by attending a special event in London on 29 October 2014.

North Korean Memoirs: Discussion with Yeonmi Park and Jihyun Park, Oct 29, London

The European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea is delighted to invite you to join them for a discussion featuring Yeonmi Park and Jihyun Park as part of their North Korean Memoirs platform at the Houses of Parliament in London on the 29th of October, where they will discuss how the black market has changed the country and what their lives were like in North Korea.

About Yeonmi Park
Yeonmi Park is part of the millennial generation of North Koreans. Born in Hyesan City in 1993, Yeonmi grew up in Pyongyang, experiencing a relatively comfortable lifestyle by comparison to most North Koreans. Her father was imprisoned for selling goods to China, forcing the family to leave Pyongyang. After his release, Yeonmi’s family decided to leave North Korea in 2007. Since arriving in South Korea in 2009, Yeonmi has become prominent as an outspoken human rights activist. She currently cohosts “North Korea Today” on OTV.

About Jihyun Park
​Jihyun Park is EAHRNK’s North Korean Outreach and Project Coordinator. She was born in Chongjin City in the 1960s. After growing up in a fairly middle class family where her mother operated a business in the very earliest black markets, Jihyun entered university. Graduating with a degree in math and science, she went on to become a high school teacher. During the famine, she fled North Korea for China. Jihyun was eventually arrested, repatriated, and sentenced to a period in a labour camp. After being released, she fled North Korea again. After a number of years in China, she came to the UK with her family in 2008.

Event details

Please send a quick email to [email protected] if you intend to attend this event. You do not need to purchase a ticket or RSVP to attend, just go to the venue at the time stated below.

North Korean Memoirs: North Korea Past and Present: Discussion with Yeonmi Park and Jihyun Park
Date: 29 October
Time: 5pm – 7pm
Venue: Committee Room 3A, Houses of Parliament, London
Entry is free. Seating is limited.
We recommend arriving at least 45 minutes early to ensure you have enough time to go through security.
Further details here.