Ambassadors for Peace: Palestine

This event series has been designed to connect and empower One Young World Ambassadors, peacebuilders, and humanitarian responders to address the escalating consequences of conflict. The first session of the series will focus on the ongoing and escalating situation in Palestine.

Text: Ambassadors for Peace, Palestine, 28 March, 14:30 GMT+2

The session, hosted by One Young World in collaboration with experts in our Community, will also feature a keynote presentation from a specialist guest speaker.

The aim of the session is to identify clear action points that can be taken to mobilise the One Young World Community to mobilise essential humanitarian responses and advocate effectively for peace.

Date: Thursday 28 March

Time: 14:30-16:00 GMT+2

Attendees must be:

  • A One Young World Ambassador
  • Prepared to participate actively and productively in discussions during the session
  • Interested in joining a post-event Action Group to put ideas explored in the event into action


Daniel Zapata Castro

Daniel is a Colombian activist with experience in community-led peacebuilding. He has worked with the national and local government, in the implementation of the Colombian Victims Law and processes of reintegration and reincorporation of ex-combatants into civilian life. He has also worked with companies such as Indelible Social, seeking to strengthen the process of economic and community reintegration. of more than 100 signatories of the peace agreement, their families and neighboring communities in Antioquia, through the construction of relationships with local actors. and strategic allies. Daniel is also the One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for Colombia and works with the Community in Latin America and the Caribbean to drive engagement among young leaders.

Keynote Speaker

Abeer Abu Ghaith

Abeer Abu Ghaith is not only a social tech entrepreneur but also an influential speaker and activist. As the founder and CEO of MENA Alliances and former co-founder of StayLinked, she has dedicated her life to driving positive change. Raised in a refugee camp and shaped by conflict, Abeer leverages her entrepreneurial and technical expertise to make a global impact. Through MENA Alliances, Abeer is revolutionizing the job market by bridging gaps and connecting talented professionals across the Middle East and North Africa, particularly in Palestine, with world-class job opportunities using remote solutions that overcome physical, political and cultural barriers.


Despite facing challenges stemming from both normal business cycles and the disruptions brought on by wars and conflicts, Abeer has successfully created over 700 digital technology opportunities for underprivileged and underemployed individuals. Additionally, she has established partnerships and contracts with more than 70 clients worldwide, resulting in a 300% increase in revenue. The digital technology solutions, products, and applications developed by her company have significantly elevated the average salaries of her tech talent in the local market by almost 40%. Prior to committing fully to MENA Alliances, Abeer worked tirelessly with local, regional, and international NGOs and donors. Her efforts included initiatives to enhance women’s participation in the labour market and decision-making positions, support youth and women’s employment and entrepreneurship, and increase internet and computer literacy among these groups.

Keynote Speaker

Nadav Weiman

Nadav served in an IDF sniper’s team in the special forces of the Nahal brigade. Following the exposure this gave him to the reality faced by Palestinians, he joined Breaking the Silence (BtS) as a Testifier-Activist in 2012. Today, Nadav works as Senior Director at BtS, an organisation that has struggled against occupation and apartheid for nearly 20 years. BtS has spoken with over 1,400 testifiers to ground its extensive media and advocacy work. This exposes the IDF’s practices which lead to disproportionate military actions and a failure to restrain its own use of force. During the current war in Gaza, BtS testifiers, including Nadav, have been able to raise their voices about these practices and advocate for the protection of both Palestinian and Israeli life.

Ambassadors for Peace: Event Series

This event series has been designed to connect and empower One Young World Ambassadors, peacebuilders, and humanitarian responders to address the escalating consequences of conflict. Learn more and register for our other events via the following links.


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