Ambassadors for Peace: Sudan

This series of roundtable discussions has been designed to connect and empower One Young World Ambassadors, peacebuilders, and humanitarian responders to address the escalating consequences of conflict. The first session of the series will focus on the ongoing and escalating situation in Sudan.

Text: Ambassadors for Peace, Sudan, 11 April, 18:00 GMT+2

The session, hosted by One Young World in collaboration with experts in our Community, will also feature a keynote presentation from a specialist guest speaker.

The aim of the session is to identify clear action points that can be taken to mobilise the One Young World Community to mobilise essential humanitarian responses and advocate effectively for peace.

Date: 11 April 2024

Time: 18:00 - 19:30 GMT+2

Attendees must be:

  • A One Young World Ambassador
  • Prepared to participate actively and productively in discussions during the session
  • Interested in joining a post-event Action Group to put ideas explored in the event into action


Daniel Zapata Castro

Daniel is a Colombian activist with experience in community-led peacebuilding. He has worked with the national and local government, in the implementation of the Colombian Victims Law and processes of reintegration and reincorporation of ex-combatants into civilian life. He has also worked with companies such as Indelible Social, seeking to strengthen the process of economic and community reintegration. of more than 100 signatories of the peace agreement, their families and neighboring communities in Antioquia, through the construction of relationships with local actors. and strategic allies. Daniel is also the One Young World Coordinating Ambassador for Colombia and works with the Community in Latin America and the Caribbean to drive engagement among young leaders.

Keynote Speaker

Hager Eissa

Hager was born and raised in Khartoum. She is a Gender Equality and Human Rights Activist. Hager has worked as an English, Arabic and vice versa Translator and interpreter for several years at the Embassy of Kenya in Sudan and some other Humanitarian Organisations. She established her own education NGO that basically focused on developing English skills. Hager is a Global Peace Ambassador and a Country Director for Global Peace Chain NGO. She is currently serving as an AH at the African Union.

Keynote Speaker

Nadia Osman

Nadia has over 6 years of experience leading the entrepreneurship sector in the Sudanese and African ecosystem through different programs and initiatives. Currently, Nadia is the CEO and Co-founder at KCS, a social tech company that offers technical solutions through the telecommunication sector for different stakeholders while creating sustainable jobs for people who don’t have easy access to the workforce focusing on employing women and people with disabilities. As the company is located in the capital Khartoum, the ongoing war affected the operations greatly and made it hard to continue under these circumstances.

Ambassadors for Peace: Event Series

This event series has been designed to connect and empower One Young World Ambassadors, peacebuilders, and humanitarian responders to address the escalating consequences of conflict. Learn more and register for our other events via the following links.


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