Brand New Course: Project Management for Changemakers


An online course where you can learn how to create, execute and scale effective solutions to problems in your community, then apply for funding to make it happen.


Global Changemakers has organised, trained thousands of young people on how to create, execute and scale community action projects around the world. We have provided grants to 360+ youth-led projects which have gone on to impact the lives of 6,2+ million people, involving 200K+ others and reaching 930+ million people through the media. ​

We have packaged our training into this course, using changemakers who are subject experts in each topic to teach the lessons from their own experience – by youth for youth.



We will take you through five core chapters based on the five phases of Project Management, with lessons given by experienced and impactful changemakers from over 15 countries across six continents.



You will meet and learn from like-minded people from across the world through the discussion forum and community group. You can also connect and engage with the lesson teachers during regular virtual office hours.



You will develop the skills needed to become an effective changemaker and create or scale a project that positively impacts your community. Upon completion of the course, you will be eligible for a grant to implement your project.


You will be able to access:

  • Over 25 lessons on all aspects of creating, running and monitoring a community action project;

  • Lessons given by experienced young changemakers from over 15 countries and 6 continents;

  • Curated complementary materials for each lesson;

  • Simple and practical lesson challenges;

  • Regular virtual office hours with lesson teachers;

  • A global network of like-minded people through the discussion forum and community group.

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