Future48 | Entrepreneur First

Entrepeneur First (EF) invests in exceptional individuals to build startups from scratch. It brings together talented outliers to develop their most ambitious ideas and raise money from the world’s best investors. Since pioneering Talent Investing in 2014, EF has learned to recognize individuals with extraordinary futures before anyone else, embedding them in a community of ambitious peers and giving them the tools they need to succeed, fast. EF backs them before they have a company, a team, even before they have an idea, based purely on talent.

Text: Future48, Entrepreneur First, London 13-15 June

​If you were given 48 hours to reshape the future, what would you build?

​Embark on a 48h journey like no other alongside a curated group of some of the brightest female minds across the UK and Europe. 

Why join?

  • Limited spots available for visionary women to embody the role of a founder for 48 hours, reimagining tomorrow's tech landscape
  • Get insights from top-tier mentors to fuel your innovative spirit
  • Chance to win invite to San Francisco to explore your idea in the most ambitious and vibrant startup ecosystem in the world, and receive support from the EF team

Schedule: 13-15 June

Location: London

Eligibility: current undergrad, masters, or PhD students/recent graduates with maximum one year of experience in industry post-academia.

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