Personal + Leadership Development Coaching Opportunity


Join One Young World Ambassador Jenn Pamela Chowdhury, personal development and leadership coach, and founder of In Full Bloom Coaching for a 60-minute workshop on embodied leadership. The session will include a guided meditation, community sharing and creative practice. May 11th at 3pm EST / 8pm BST.

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About the workshop 

There is power in living during uncertain times. Preparing for the unknown requires more than an effective leadership and management training program. It's an internal journey that asks us to access tools and resources to help us work with fear, change, and uncertainty. 

In this 60-minute experiential workshop, we will gather as a community to show up for ourselves and each other as we collectively navigate challenges in our personal, professional and spiritual lives. Tools/practices offered during this session include a guided meditation, community sharing and a creative practice. 


Jenn Pamela Chowdhury (she/her) is a personal development and leadership coach, and founder of In Full Bloom Coaching. Through her 12 week 1:1 private coaching program, professional development workshops and community events, she helps powerful leaders break free from shame, guilt and fear so they can step into their power, light, and brilliance. 

Over the past year, she's helped 250+ clients find their own authentic voices; learn to embrace change and find safety within their bodies; alchemize their anger, shame and resentment into sources of wisdom; listen and honor their deepest desires; launch new initiatives, careers, projects and much more. 

Her tools and teachings have led to new career paths; powerful conversations with managers, family members, and peers; the activation of personal healing journeys; creative projects; the release of deeply held old stories and limiting beliefs and more.

A first generation Bangladeshi American immigrant, Jenn writes and speaks regularly about the human spirit, healing, embodied leadership, immigration, mental health, social justice, poetry and other topics for Medium and her work has been featured in Thrive Global, Barnard Magazine, in the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics and at social impact organizations around the world. 

An experienced social impact professional, Jenn has been working closely with leading NGOs, social justice organizations, nonprofits, foundations, and startups in multiple countries for nearly 18 years on strategic communications, program development and business development. 

She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Human Rights from Barnard College at Columbia University and an M.S. in International Affairs (Human Rights, International Development and Peacemaking) from New York University.  

Connect with her by email ([email protected]), follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram, and join In Full Bloom’s community