Voicing Voices Celebrates One Young World Female Leaders

OYW Voicing voices

Voicing Voices promotes the power of storytelling to connect us towards humanity and a common goal for an equal world.

Over thousands of women and girls represent the One Young World community as leading changemakers towards gender equity. Join us to discover the passions behind their resilience and leadership towards a world that is mopre equitiable and just.

Participants will have the opporunity to ask questions, gain insights and learn from a community that impacts over 195 countries.

Together, we can humanise our systems and champion an inclusion that considers the needs and rights of women and girls globally.

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About Voicing Voices

Ayan Said is the founder, and director of Voicing Voices, an international consultancy firm that designs and provides bespoke resources and tools for private, public sectors and the third sector to address gender and youth inequalities in all spaces.

Ayan is a visionary leader, a passionate human rights advocate who champions innovation and system thinking for a more inclusive world.